The Development of Brass Bands in NI


Over the past 4 months, Michael Whan of Downshire Brass has been researching the development of brass bands in Northern Ireland as part of his HND in Music. Many of you may have answered questionnaires or spoken to Michael about this and his final dissertation is now available for you to read if you click on the link above. He looks at the history of brass bands in NI, contesting, practice methods and how brass banding in Northern Ireland can move forward.

Michael would like to thank everyone who took the time to chat to him about this and hopes that you enjoy the read.

One thought on “The Development of Brass Bands in NI”

  1. Michael – good to see your dissertation, and congratulations on your research.

    I have added it to the Brass Band Bibliography in the IBEW and also added a link to this NIBrassbands site.

    Best wishes for your future work!


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